The Road Down

There are many ways to reach Chengdu from Larung Gar if you can afford to take your time. Unfortunately, we had no choice and had to grab whatever bus was available first thing in the morning. Three of us were ill with altitude sickness, including one guy who puked non-stop throughout the whole night. Our priority wasn’t discovering remote Tibetan villages anymore, it was to descend from the mountain as soon as possible.

The first bus we found was to Maerkang, departing at 6 am. Ticket office was supposed to open at 5:30am, but there was no one there. Thankfully our driver was a saint. He went around to everyone announcing that his bus was going to Maerkang and that we could purchase the tickets onboard.

Altitude sickness? Disappeared as soon as we went down from 4000m. At 2600m, Maerkang was heaven.


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