World’s most remote restaurant. Currently number 41 on the San Pellegrino list. Getting to Öre was not an easy feat, but it was extremely worth it. I personally think Faviken deserves to be somewhere in the top 10. The overall experience was just so wonderful that my husband and I often still talk about it. The food. The service. The pairing. The view. There’s just too many things I love about the place!

Like this rustic farm table

And their unbelievable venue!

Love love love! Would I return? YES!


2 thoughts on “Faviken

    1. My sister called them up months in advance to ask for whatever slot they still available, then we plan our trip according to their schedule. It is a remote tiny village with hardly any visitors in the summer, but it is supposed to be a bustling ski area in the winter.

      We couldn’t get the rooms at Faviken, so we stayed at Copperhill Mountain Lodge and took a 15 minute cab from there. There are other hotels closer to the station, but we did not stay there. Or if you’re big into cycling, it is also possible to cycle to the restaurant from Copperhill. They have nice hiking and cycling tracks in the summer. Just not when you’re drunk from the wine pairing hehe. And yes, the experience was very worthwhile 😀

      Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂


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