Lake Kawaguchi

My husband’s Uncle has a cabin by Lake Kawaguchi. There are a few reasons as to why we decided to go on a road trip in Honshu just to visit his Uncle.

  1. Kawaguchiko is one of the five lakes surrounding Mount Fuji, which I still haven’t seen up-close after my 10th visit to Japan.
  2. He’s retired and the cabin is where he spends his time carving wooden toys, puzzles, boxes, and whatever other trinkets suit his fancy as long as they are made out of wood. A skill both my husband and I are interested in.
  3. He has two beautiful golden retrievers. And dogs are beautiful 🙂 Golden Retrievers even more.

Jakarta sucks. I can’t think of any place where I can take my dogs for a run or a swim. Sure, they can walk around my housing area. But that’s about it. Once, one idiotic kid threw ice cube at my dog. His Mother was sitting next to him, saw the whole thing and did nothing. Congrats on your shitty parenting.

Anyway. Indonesians have very little regard for animal rights, or any rights for that matter. Dogs in Japan clearly are in a much better condition than in Indonesia. They have public parks to run around in.

Like this park

And lakes to swim in.

And I’m pretty damn sure they don’t have people killing and hunting dogs just for fun. Or neighbours who kidnap your pets so that they can demand ransom money afterwards. Or restaurants that serve stolen dog stews. I can’t say much about humans eating dogs or other animals we’d rather see as pets. Meat is meat, whether whale or dog or grasshoppers. Just don’t procure the meat brutally or in any illegal ways. Know where your food comes from.

I originally wanted to write a post about Kawaguchiko and what’s worth seeing there, but this whole dog thing just jogged some unpleasant memories and it’s getting on my nerves. Indonesia, in general, gets on my nerves. Guess I’ll shortcut this post and just post pictures with minimum writing instead.

This one has nothing to do with dogs but the trees are majestic. Some temple nearby Mount Fuji.

And while you’re there, try Hoto noodles. It’s the specialty of Kawaguchiko. Tasted similar to Chinese Dao Xiao Mian. Comes out piping hot in huge portion. Apparently tastes better in winter.


And now I’m off to make myself a cup of tea. Maybe I’ll brew that really nice Longjing I’ve hidden in the fridge. Maybe then I’ll feel better.


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