Eclipse Festival 2016

A few months back, I made the decision to sell my domain name to a NY-based food event organiser without realising that by going back to, my premium service would be cut off automatically. Duh! Free service means I only get 3GB of data, and I have surpassed that limit years ago. Since I can’t think of any new domain name, for now I will be blogging under burabura.

Burabura means to wander around in Japanese. Which might be a more suitable name than Taste Talks, as my recent posts divert from just our recent culinary experiences.


Early March, we had a family trip to Palu in Central Sulawesi. Along with my husband + sister + sister’s fiance, we camped for 4 nights up the mountain in Ngata Baru. Purpose? To witness our first solar eclipse!

All packed and ready to go!

Camping ground? Crappy. Couldn’t sleep past 8 am, thanks to the overly intense sun and the lack trees or anything shady.

Yep, those trees aren’t going to cover anything

But we do have amazing views from our spot.

Like this rainbow
This neighbouring mountain
And this beautiful sunset

Originally I really wanted to bitch about the festival’s organiser for, well, everything, but after seeing the Eclipse, all is forgiven. I’m just going to make a mental note to never ever attend any events organised by them, ever again.

Food? We were barely surviving on rice and chicken. Water was NOT free, hence this was definitely not an eco festival. What’s the point of making a compost toilet if there are plastic bottles scattered everywhere? Price wise, everything they sold there wouldn’t be bought anywhere else out of the festival.

This pathetic white rice with corn fritter, fried cabbage and two slices of tofu went for Rp. 50,000,-.

For locals, the food above would have a price tag below Rp. 10,000,-. The vendor even apologised to us for hiking up the price so much. They probably didn’t think that there would be (semi)locals at the festival.

Thankfully we had some food supplies. I really love my Biolite stove!

Music? I don’t have much impression of the DJs there, with the exception of the British DJ playing right before the Eclipse. Eat Static was amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much energy coming from a DJ. I think we’re going to try to stalk him to whatever festivals he will be in next in Asia.

The main stage
Right on the mountain

The Eclipse?

It was a mind-blowing, life-changing experience. It was the single most beautiful thing I have ever had the privilege of seeing. I can’t describe what it was like, except that it made us feel like HOLY SHIT WE’RE SO SMALL LET’S START SAVING UP TO SEE THE NEXT ECLIPSE IN ARGENTINA. Something like that. Then everyone started tearing up. It was such an emotional moment.

This picture cannot represent even a 1/10 of how beautiful it was

IMG_9780I would recommend everyone to see the Eclipse at least once in their lifetime. As for me, I’m gonna work my ass off to earn enough money for my next South American Eclipse. Whoop whoop!