Yokohama by Night

As titled.

I love this patch of green in the middle of the city

Kamakura. And why I would love to live here.

According to last night’s poll on some random Japanese TV channel I cannot remember, my husband’s hometown is currently ranked number 1 on Japan’s best places to live. That’s great, because the shit-hole where I grew up in is definitely one of the worst places anyone would want to raise their kids in. Unless you’re indifferent to corruption, social inequalities, child labour, radical Islamic parties and all that jazz. Then you would love Jakarta as all you desire could be achieved with money, money, and more money. And connection. Did you know we caught an IS bomb-maker but due to our government’s generosity, the motherfucker will get out in 10 years time? He will be 33 when he gets out, still in his prime, perfect for a new start. Maybe someone up there thought it’s OK to be lenient, after all, only 4 civilians died in the attack. Indonesia is a big fucking joke.

Anyway. Sorry for ranting. I’m going to go back to my zen state now and talk about this beautiful coastal city in Kanagawa: Kamakura.

Kamakura is only an hour away from Tokyo, and about 30 minutes away from Yokohama. It has one of the best beach for surfing in Japan. Don’t surf? Neither do I. But I still think it’s nice to see and smell the ocean. Not to mention the view. See the pictures below? I took those from my husband’s window. Enoshima on the left, and Mount Fuji in the distance.

Mountain’s more your thing? Kamakura is surrounded by hills and there are hiking tracks everywhere. Are you a temple otaku? Being an ancient capital of Japan, Kamakura has plenty of temples too. Seafood? Duh, we’re by the sea. Beef? Kamakura Roast Beef is actually very well-known in Japan. But I have to confess that my favourite food in Kamakura is my Mother-in-law’s cooking.

Like this bowl of Shirazudon
Or this Hiroshima Okonomiyaki cooked by the neighbour

Don’t have a Japanese Mother-in-law or awesome neighbour who can cook? Kamakura also has many quirky shops and cafes. I love walking around in different parts of Kamakura to see what hidden gems I could find. Usually I find one in every visit as there are always new places opening. Like this cute restaurant in Gokuraji where you can sit by the rail track and watch the Enoden pass by.

Or this old privately-owned Western-style mansion which has just recently turned into a cafe. One hectare of land 5 minutes away from Kamakura station.

This is my dream house. One I cannot afford. One that will remain a dream.


I also love the tiny little details I see around the house whenever the season changes.

Like this growing sweet potato on display to celebrate the coming of autumn

This is probably my 9th post about the city, and my 9th or 10th time in Japan. In short, I just love Kamakura. Now please pray so that I can move there before Indonesia destroys me mentally.