Three hours of a very fulfilling lunch at Noma, Copenhagen.

The gimmick started right in front of the front entrance. There lies a small patch of green moss, where we could see one of the chef selecting moss for today’s plating.

Because we were a big party, we could not sit in the main dining room. To accommodate us, we were given the staff’s dining room.

Big Asian family
Big Asian family (plus one Swedish)

(Some of) the food.


Yep, they have a foosball table in the staff room.

Was the food good? Yes, it was. Was it worth it? I’m not entirely sure. Their menu is seasonal, and this season served no meat, at all. Would I fork out hundreds of dollars for a vegetarian meal? Most definitely not. Nevertheless it was a fun experience. One restaurant to tick off my list! 🙂



This is one city I am definitely returning to. Denmark originally was not part of our trip, but thanks to the last-minute confirmation from Noma, we had to squeeze in 6 hours in Copenhagen before catching a train to Gothenborg.

Taken by my awesome husband :)
Taken by my awesome husband 🙂

So many amazing museums that we didn’t enter. With one and a half hour at hand before lunch, all we did was stroll around to the direction of the restaurant. Admired the architecture. And drooled over overpriced Danish kitchenware that I couldn’t afford.

I’ll be back!