Gothenburg: My Sister’s Wedding

Practically the only reason why we ended up at Gothenburg: to attend my sister’s wedding.

My sister is Catholic (by birth), and her husband-to-be is Moslem (again, by birth). And thanks to Indonesia’s medieval backwardness of a regulation, people from different religion cannot marry one another. Since none of them are particularly religious and both cannot be bothered to convert, the only solution was to get married abroad. Most Indonesians fly to Singapore or Hongkong for the occassion, but considering that my brother-in-law is half Swedish, they decided to do it in his birthtown.

So here are snippets of the wedding.


OK, I lied. There will only be one picture (the one above) of my sister and her husband. The rests are photograph of the beautiful Gothenburg civil office, where my sister’s parents-in-law were wedded thirty-something years ago. I was so blown away by the design that I realised afterwards, I have more pictures of the building than of my sister’s wedding. By the way, my sister is wearing our Mother’s vintage wedding dress here 🙂

Swedish design completely nailed it

Must have something to do with their Viking blood, but apparently wedding boat parties are quite common there.


About the food? Crayfish is the bomb! That’s the one thing I absolutely enjoyed in this Gothenburg trip.

Yay yay Crayfish!

My brother-in-law kept on insisting that Gothenborg has the best pizza in the world. I had really high expectations as I love Italian pizza, but as it turned out, he did not mean pizza, pizza. Kebab pizza, is what he meant, and I personally thought they tasted awful. And, it tasted exactly as its name implies. It’s a freaking kebab! On pizza. BOO!!!

And here’s a picture of Gothenburg’s Central Station at night. Just because it’s pretty.




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