Hangzhou’s Academy of Art

Traveling with a group of architects means shelving Hangzhou city centre for Hangzhou’s suburb where the prestigious Academy of Art is.

The campus is designed by Amateur Architecture Studio, whose principal architects (a duo of then-husband-and-wife) became the first Chinese to obtain Pritzker Prize.

It’s about an hour from the city centre, but it’s worth the trip. The campus has many interesting buildings, including one Folk Art Museum designed by Kengo Kuma. Unfortunately it was closed at the time of our visit because we came during a public holiday. NOOOOOOO!!!! 😥

We opted to spend a night at ShuiShanAnJu, a hotel within the campus. That, is an architectural delight on its own. You can book the hotel via Ctrip by clicking here. It’s cheaper than calling the hotel directly.

Wall at ShuiShanAnJu
Wall made out of recycled tiles at ShuiShanAnJu

I wouldn’t have skipped so many of my classes if my University was this pretty:

And last but not least, we did manage to squeeze in a brief visit to the city. Saw the famous Xihu just before sunset.

Hangzhou’s famous lake

Would so return to Hangzhou to explore the city.


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